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Apa Yang Wanita Nie Pegang..Memang Besar La!!!

Apa Yang Wanita Nie Pegang..Memang Besar La!!!

Mak ngaiii..Besaq bapak burger dia...Lokasi Zul's Burger Sungai Nibong..

First thing first, what's the biggest burger you have ever seen?

Cant really see how big it is?


Check out the ingredients inside!

Chicken, sausage, mushroom, vege, onion and egg! =DDD

You can even make it into Birthday Cake! XD

Looks like cake, isn't it? =D


Facebook Burger!

As tall as my cup of Teh Ice! =D

See the fillings! 3 layers! =X

Don't like burger?
What about....

Foot Long Sausage?! =D

Longer than the forks! =D

It is located at:
Kompleks MPPP Lebuh Nipah
Sungai Nibong, Penang

It is at the cafeteria opposite to Nasi Kandar Kayu =)

The last stall that near to terrace house.

Just try to look for this big banner! =D

and ofcourse...

The boss! Abang Zul! =D

Bob is not his name. =p

He's doing another whopper!

Beef with all the ingredients!

I bet you never see a rectangular burger!


Guess how much it weights? almost 2kg! =DDD

Taste: 8/10 (Taste good and it's special!)
Price: 7/10 (11-inch RM30! Burger Facebook RM10!)
Environment: 7/10 (clean cafeteria)
Service: 7/10 (Big burger take some time to prepare!)

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